So anyone watching the Heat and the Nets last night caught a play in the 4th quarter with a little more than 5 mins left in the game, that made every youth basketball coach in the entire world smile! This demonstration of defensive know how was executed by Paul Pierce of the Brooklyn Nets and it was by the numbers perfection.

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Take a look below and watch as Pierce slaps the ball away from Lebron in what has to be the cleanest block in history.

It’s not that it was a flashy, in your face, take that take that take that (In our Diddy Voice) type of play, it’s just that it was exactly what you are taught to do from the time you enter biddy ball at the age of 5 all the way through college ball! It was done the way every coach on planet Earth wants a block to be executed. It was clean, it was perfectly timed and it was undeniable by any ref!

Again defensive perfection from a master. Salute to Paul Pierce for a play that will be shown in locker rooms and gyms as the example to live up to…from here on out.

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