Chad B

Hip Hop’s newcomer, Chad B is known for being a rapper, actor and entrepreneur. A Newark, NJ native, Chad B is definitely known for being a huge presence within the re-creation of Hip House music which is a sound he has cleverly defined as “Urban Techno”. This music combines high energy, fast-paced techno beats with catchy lyrics.

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As if all that wasn’t enough, what he is doing with his new found platform is something many other young artists should look in to.

Chad B has teamed up with Education Matters which is an Inner City High School Tour that  has Chad B along with other people including; Jay “Mr. Real Estate” Morrison and known local DJ’s educating students on Life, Education, Student Loans, Voting, Home Ownership & More.

Chad B being a featured artist, performs 3-4 of his best known dance singles for the kids. Keep in mind New Jersey is very big in “Jersey Club” music and Chad B is  one of a few artists associated with this music other than local DJ’s. This is part of the reason that the kids are always very excited to see him!

The tour usually runs from Nov- March depending on Holiday Breaks and the schools availability. Kids all around the state wait with baited breath for Chad B and the tour to get to their school. It’s a really great experience for everyone.

Good for you Chad B! It’s so refreshing to see artists give back not just with money but with their time. We don’t get to see it enough! Salute sir!



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