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The World Famous Wake Up Show” recently created a Hip Hop experience like none other. They took Grammy Award Winning musicians who had never played together before and paired them with emerging Hip Hop artists. The result was a day of Hip Hop genius.  They are finally rolling out the videos from that amazing day.

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First up is Bishop Lamont who jumped right into the mix and gave new meaning to the words free and style! Employing his distinctive West Coast flavor, he unleashed a beast on to the mic and gave everyone in the room a few minutes of Hip Hop straight off the top of the dome! Being in this position was no easy task and Bishop Lamont rolled with the randomness of the situation with great ease! By the time he was done he had taken over everything in his path from the cadence of the music to who he wanted to continue to play along with him! Check out Bishop Lamont below!



Next is a young lady out of Florida who held her own in a room full of guys without blinking. Nessasary was the only girl to step up to the mic and she did so with an impressive flow that is sure to get people talking and comparing. This tiny girl has a powerful voice and a wordplay that let everyone know that she was there by virtue of straight talent and nothing else. This all helped to make Nessasary a “great” addition to the day. See what we mean in the video below!



Well there you go! Two very different and very dope performances! Through the coming weeks there will be even more of them so stay tuned!

Check out  for new updates on both the “Wake Up Show Unplugged” project and to keep up with Tech, Sway and Rev about what’s going on with their show on Sirius XM/ Shade 45! You can also follow them on Twitter at @wakeupshow. Don’t forget to tune in Monday nights, Shade 45 on Sirius XM at 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT!

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