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On November 9th Hip-Hop will celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album, “Enter The 36 Chambers” released in 1993. On top of creating one the grittiest and influential albums of all time, the nine-member Clan changed the paradigm in the music business, leaving the door open for each member to pursue solo careers outside of the group.


Founding member U-God has just released his fourth solo project,”Keynote Speaker,” and came through to show off some of the freestyle skills that has made “Golden Arms” a favorite voice among Wu-Tang fans.

In addition to his performance, U-God gave us his two cents on a couple of topics, including Drake’s song “Wu-Tang Forever.”

“I’m not a negative person, I’m a positive person. Everything is an add-on to me,” he says. “He ain’t takin away, he adding on. Where I come from that’s a good situation. Keep it Hip-Hop.”

To hear his thoughts on Kendrick’s “King Of New York” boast from “Control” and why his verse on “Protect Ya Neck” was so short, watch the next installment of’s “Rhyme & Reason.”

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