So according to AllHipHop.coma video is making its way around the internets that allegedly shows Slaughterhouse rapper Joe Budden proposing in a huge way to longtime on again/off again curvylicious boo-thang Tahiry Jose. Take a look at the video below and see what you think! Was that a proposal?

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We don’t know y’all…it looks pretty proposal-y (It’s a word if we make it one) to us! It didn’t say “will you marry me?”…but witnesses to the event claim that Joe was filming in Times Square with Tahiry at the time! They say he had on a nice suit and she had on some hugs every freakin curve dress..(That’s a lot of huggin) and that he did ask her to marry him.

But…here’s the kicker… says that they heard Miss Tahiry said…NO! Woops! We don’t know if there is truth to anything past the part of what we see in the video but if he asked and she said no…Lord help every chick from here to Timbuktu with a big booty and a little time on her hands!

We wonder how Mona Scott is going to take the news that what was probably going to be her big cliff hanger or huge season ending story was just leaked on the nets? Our guess is she will not be happy!

We’re definitely going to stay tuned for this one!


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