On Saturday November 9th Hip-Hop celebrated two milestones, the 20th anniversaries of two classic albums; Wu-Tang Clan’s “Enter The 36 Chambers” and A Tribe Called Quest’s “Midnight Marauders.”

A beloved and much discussed song from the latter is “Electric Relaxation,” Tip and Phife’s timeless and irreverent serenade of ’round the way girls that had everyone thinking twice about sitting on their friends couches. However, an on-going point of debate was what Tip was actually saying on the hook, “Relax yourself girl…(fill in the blank).” The myriad of variations was textbook Mondegreen, but everyone had their collective minds blown when Tip and several of his peers clarified that it was indeed, “Relax yourself girl, please set-tle down..”


Nevertheless, the list of misinterpretations is golden. Here are some of that we found scouring Twitter and Facebook, but we have protected the identities of those who would like to set adrift on memory bliss of what they grew up thinking.

17. “Kick Back For Real…”

16. “For a Preset Plan”

15. “Peace To The Clan..”

14. “Don’t Be Such A Clam..”

13. “It’ll Be so planned…”

12. “Peace After that…”

11. “World Peace and Premier”

10. “Peas In the kettle now…”

9. “You don’t want these hands…”

8. “Be Set Clear”

7. “Grease That Clam…”

6.”Reset, Plan”

5.”Peace at hand…”

4. “Peas and ham…”

3. “He sat down…”

2. “It be so clear…”

and the most popular…

1. “Peace At Command”

But remember boys and girls…



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