It’s been a long journey for LaTavia Roberson since she and LeToya Luckett were unceremoniously kicked out of Destiny’s Child. While Luckett has tasted success as a solo artist, actress, and host, LaTavia fell far away from the limelight. Now Roberson is ready to let the world know about her life after Destiny’s Child. Roberson is set to write a tell-all book.


In an interview with Sister 2 Sister Magazine, LaTavia says the book isn’t just about her experiences in the Grammy Award-winning girl group, but more about her life. Being in Destiny’s Child just happens to be apart of her story. “My book is basically my love letter to everybody who has wondered where I’ve been and what I’ve been going through,” the singer said. “I’ve heard things about me and I’ve heard rumors about myself. I do not mind being someone who will open up my life to any fans that I have about where I’ve really been. I’d rather they get it from the horse’s mouth.”

While many will say she’s just out here trying to make money by telling all of Beyonce and the other girls’ business, LaTavia is adamant that the book will be about her. “I’ll definitely talk about my experiences in Destiny’s Child and everything that happened in my life thereafter. I’ve been through some serious things. It’s a testimony.”

So far, a title or a release date haven’t been announced.



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