TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian was just pulled over on an L.A. freeway and it caused total pandemonium.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Kim was attempting to get away from the paparazzi.

According to sources, the paps (roughly 5 cars total) had been chasing after Kim, and once she was pulled over, they jumped out of their cars IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREEWAY to snap photos of Kim in her car resulting in tons of traffic. WOW!

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There was allegedly even a paparazzi helicopter hovering overhead.

Police are reportedly disgusted with the foolishness! Telling TMZ that the paps endangered multiple lives with their risky photography, including Kim’s, other drivers on the road, and the officers involved.

It was supposedly so crazy that the California Highway Patrol cited one photographer for speeding however the rest got away. According to sources, the CHP is now looking into the incident to see if the case can be sent for further prosecution.

Said a source,

“They’re not getting away with this.”

Kim K was cited for speeding too.

This just gets more reckless everytime we hear about it. Kim made her life off of sucking up to the paps and getting them to follow her every move. They basically gave her  a career. So now when she wants to leave them in the dust they aren’t so quick to let her go. Gee who could have foreseen this problem happening said no one ever!


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