WOW here we go! For everyone who wanted to know what Pebbles side of the story was, well… she told it to Wendy Williams today honey! Take a look and see what she claims really happened with TLC!



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So to the question Did you really kick Chilli out of the group she said,

“No, T-boz and Left Eye did.”

Wow! This is interesting…because TLC’s story has been completely consistent over the years! They have never wavered on any of it for a second!

And when Wendy asked if Chilli slept with L.A. Reid Pebbles replied,


Baby Jesus be a rewind button WHAT?! Man look this has already gotten uglier than it should be and we know good and well there is no way T-boz and Chilli will stay quiet after what was hurled at them today! Stay tuned!


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