At first glance, the tattooed pretty boys of Git Fresh simply ooze pop sex appeal and charisma. But beneath their designer-clad exterior lies an R&B group with writing, producing and serious singing skills to their credit.

Consisting of members Mike Ezay, Pretti Sly, Penny and Rude Boi, here the Jermaine Dupri-cosigned quartet discuss their forthcoming untitled album, penchant for booty music, hood couture and how diamonds can also be a man’s best friend.

The Urban Daily: Describe Git Fresh’s style.

Pretti Sly: We represent a Down South sound in our music, which makes us different. We’re a group but we represent ourselves as individuals, like four members making up one artist. We plan to not only make R&B music but touch pop and alot of other areas. Our sound is “R&P”; Rhythm and pop, basically. And our look is definitely Down South, “hood couture”, Louis [Vuitton] scarves and Gucci sneakers.

TUD: Where does Git Fresh fit into the Miami urban music scene?

Mike Ezay: We’ve been together for ten years, and we’ve seen Miami rise. We were bubbling beneath the surface, you know?

Pretti Sly: Miami is doing well because everybody is working together, sharing that money. I think it’s gonna last and soon we’re gonna add our own flavor. We gon’ bring that pop money to Miami.

TUD: How did The Studio Monkeys, your production company, start?

Rude Boi: “We used to pay producers to make us tracks but we got tired of that. We started making our own beats (Sly plays guitar/Rude Boi plays keyboards) and went from there. I made my first beat on a Casio and it was good. After that we moved up to the MPCs, Tritons, and Motifs. We got a range of influences from Hip-Hop to Jodeci to Prince and with all our different backgrounds, the music definitely reflects that.

TUD: Your debut single “Booty Music” is definitely a ‘shake joint’ song. Hailing from M-I-A, what gentleman’s club do you guys frequent?

Git Fresh: (In unison) Diamonds! (Laughs)

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