Recently The Game put out a public apology to his former labelmates of G-Unit including 50 Cent and Jimmy Iovine as well as to producer Dr. Dre and Enimem, as reported on Well, it seems that 50 Cent may have not opened up to the apology, as least not immediately, as, according to reports, the G-Unit rap artist and co-founder reportedly refused to even watch the video of The Game’s apology.

According to MTV News, who videotaped The Game’s apology on it’s Mixtape Daily segment, 50 Cent may keep up with the internet like everyone else but while sitting in his New York office on Thursday (July 2), 50 Cent was looking at a Drake video online while prepping to give MTV News’s Mixtape Daily a preview of his new mixtape ‘Forever King’ but was refusing to watch Game’s apology to the G-Unit.

Maybe things will change later, but, for now, it seems 50 Cent may not want to have any part of The Game’s apology.

As previously mentioned, in his interview with MTV News Mixtape Daily, 50 Cent was previewing his new mixtape, but the full mixtape ‘Forever King’ is now available online.

Download 50 Cent’s ‘Forever King’ mixtape.

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