Dear Drake,

Congratulations on signing a deal with Universal, but I’m not sure why you signed a deal with a label when you had the number 3 song on iTunes. You’re a talented guy who can write, sing, rap and have already had an acting career but I think you are starting things off on the wrong foot.

One thing I don’t understand is why you signed to Lil Wayne’s label. Lil Wayne is a prescription cough syrup-drinking, Blood gang-promoting, weapon-packing, pseudo gangsta rapper. While Wayne was brought up in one of the roughest projects in America and taken in by an ex con who brought him into the rap world, you were brought up in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Toronto, Canada by a wealthy Jewish woman and went to a prestigious private school. While Lil Wayne might have to use that tired “blame it on my environment excuse” to justify his violent and misogynist lyrics, you can’t say the same thing.

I used to watch the old Degrassi show before Wheels and Spike were parents. Degrassi is a good show for teenagers, which deals with real issues and you were great as Jimmy Brooks. No one ever caught gonorrhea on “Saved by the Bell” and I don’t think Hannah Montana was ever a victim of a school shooting like your character Jimmy was. You have a lot of teenage fans left over from that show that look up to you. Your character even stood up to anti gay bullies. Hanging with Lil Weezy and his ignorant negative music can only be confusing for the many teenagers who looked up to you as the nice, likable kid in a wheelchair.

Drake I’ll admit that I love your “Best I Ever Had” song because it’s a nice blend of melody, rapping and real hip-hop. But what the hell was up with the video? You could’ve made it a classic love song video but you turned into a Video Vixen vs WNBA song. You made a song in the line of Method Man’s “All I Need” or “LL’s I need Love” but made it a regular hip-hop video s(ho)wcase. Please, shoot another video for “Best I Ever Had.”

Also, what the hell were you thinking when you joined Lil Wayne and a bunch of 12-year-old girls onstage at the BET Awards? Maybe you should have titled it “I Wanna to Fuck Every Lil Girl in The World” because a lot of people are taking that performance the wrong way. With all the hype surrounding your music you have the power to bring hip hop back, not continue its downward spiral.

Along with great talent comes great responsibility. I know jumping on Lil Wayne’s bandwagon may be the quickest way for you to be successful but it can only hurt your artistry and long-term career.

The world is in your hands so don’t try and be a gangsta. People have got the Degrassi tapes.

Drake, don’t let the game change you, change the game.


Casey Gane-McCalla

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