Legendary producer Dr. Dre is not here to deal with the lies and the drama that comes along with fame. He and his legal team have sent cease and desist letters to a blog for posting story they call defamatory and libelous. The post on the blog claims Dr. Dre is cheating on his wife with a  video vixen.


Dre’s team of lawyers sent the cease and desist letter to in which they demand the site take down any and all blog posts reporting Dr. Dre is cheating on his wife Nicole with a video model named Kili Anderson.  The site went as far as to post pictures of an alleged house Anderson and Dr. Dre had their alleged trysts. The site is also accused of posting photos of a huge ring Dre supposedly gifted to the model.

Dr. Dre says all of the stories TheDirty has posted regarding him and this model are false and he wants them taken down immediately. However, TheDirty isn’t going to remove anything without a fight and have refused to remove any story about Dr. Dre from their site. This might definitely have to go to court because it doesn’t seem like either side is going to retreat to their corners quietly.



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