After causing jaws to drop on other interviews he did earlier in the day, we’re not sure why anyone would have expected Kanye West to behave like half a grown man when he sat down with Sway for an interview on “Sway In The Morning“. But we guess being the good-hearted people that they are there in Sway’s Universe…they went ahead and gave him the benefit of the doubt. We wish they would have locked the door so that he never got into the booth. Kanye acted a fool at about the 17 minute mark of the interview…all because Sway asked a very easy question. Check it out below.

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Dear Kanye…enough already. You are sending both the people who actually care about and support you and those who are still willing to buy your music away in droves son. If your musical career has been reduced to tantrums, rants and foolish statements then most of us would rather you just go ahead and let your career fade away.

What people could have been asking you is…if you are everything and everything is you as you keep saying…then why hasn’t Yeezus gone double platinum? Wait…has it even gone platinum yet? Yeah…exactly. If the answer is no then why is that? We thought you said it was the most important album of all time so what happened? If it has then it was so insignificant that no one even remembers because of all your antics!

All we’ve seen from you is a bunch of clownish behavior that makes us miss the old you something fierce. You went from thanking Jesus for saving your life to telling us you think you are on the same level as Christ himself. We miss Graduation Kanye who appreciated the “Good Life” and who had everyone plotting about what would happen when they got their money right!

You have everything in the entire world…we know because you constantly tell us…so WHY ARE YOU SO MAD? If being you is EVERYTHING then why do you do nothing but rant and complain and fuss and say things to make us roll our eyes at you? Is this really what you wanted? Is this the man who used to smile and have fun with the music and who took us all on a ride that made us want to have fun too? Because right now your ride feels more like a roller-coaster in perpetual free fall and we want to get off sir…at some point this ride has to stop. People are getting sick from it..and they are starting to ask for their money back.

This ain’t the way to make people rock with you Kanye and we refuse to believe you think it is. Look at what Twitter has been saying today after you showed off on Sway so disrespectfully! No one thinks you’re hot for that! Nor do they think you’re hot for any of the other craziness you spouted off today. They made you into a # for goodness sake!


While you are up here acting out a real life version of Prince in Purple Rain just remember these words…you are losing us as an audience with all this corny, cry baby, foolishness.

So like Billy told the Kid in Purple Rain,

“Let me give you a piece of advice, junior: your music make sense to no one… but yourself.”

Maybe you should expend all that energy trying to figure out why that is and less of it trying to shine on the same cats that handed you a mic to rock when you were a young hungry dude out here in this game. Because what most of us want to see from you more than anything right now is three little twitter words….#End of rant.

We still think the video below tells more of this story than we are ever going to hear! Just saying.




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