Any time singer-songwriter Amel Larrieux‘s name gets mentioned, a smile can’t help but slide across one’s lips. Larrieux has been making soundtracks to our heart’s roller coaster ride since 1995. In the beginning, she wrote about love from a very new perspective. On “Tell Me,” Larrieux asked her man to tell her if he was ready to receive all of the love she has waiting for him.

Things have changed for the soul singer over the course of the 18 years since “Tell Me” dropped. The singer is happily married with a teenage daughter. Now that her personal life is in a great state, Amel Larrieux took some inspiration from her personal happiness and poured all of it into her new album “Ice Cream Everyday.” While the title conjures up memories of a hot summer day and chasing the Mr. Softee truck down the block, the title references having a respite from the world and that feeling being as sweet as eating ice cream everyday.

Larrieux stopped by the TUD offices to talk about her new album, working with her daughter, and to perform a song from it called “Afraid.” The song finds Larrieux falling in love where she’s experiencing all of the emotions and trepidations about love and the many splendid things the come along with love.

Listen as Amel Larrieux takes us on a journey through new love.


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