For years, many Hip-Hop heads have wondered why Styles P wasn’t featured on the hit Bad Boy posse cut “It’s All About the Benjamins.” Well, 16 years later, rapper Sheek Louch finally explained why his brother from The LOX wasn’t featured on one of Bad Boy Records’ biggest hits. It had a lot to do with a then up-and-coming producer named Missy Elliott.


Sheek made an appearance at DJ Cipha Sounds’ improv show called “Take It Personal.” While there he explained how Missy Elliott kept Styles P off “It’s All About the Benjamins.” According to Sheek, they walked into a room and Missy was in the room beatboxing and demanded to hear each member of The LOX spit to the beat. Missy liked Sheek and Jadakiss’ verses but was unimpressed by Styles’ so he was told he wouldn’t be on the track.

“I remember we first got there with Puff. Me, Kiss, and Styles walked in the room and there was this girl in there and shit and they was listening to that beat. At first I didn’t like it…She was talking to me like she knew me. ‘Yo, let me hear you rap to that.’ ‘First of all, who are you?’ She’s dancing and shit,” Sheek shared. “She’s making beatboxing noises and shit while she like ‘Yo, let me hear you spit something to this.’ So, I said ‘alright’…So, I did my first verse—‘strictly tryna cop those’—it wasn’t even for that. I did it. Styles did something; she was like ‘meh.’ Jada did a verse to it. I swear to God, no diss to Styles. That’s my brother. Jada did his verse and shit she was like ‘Yo.’ He [Styles P] ain’t on the record and shit. And then she was like ‘You gon’ go here, you gon’ go here, y’all two, you and Kiss, gonna write Puff’s verse.’ Then she just walked off beatboxing. Later on that was Missy Elliott…But we didn’t know that was her. She put the whole ‘Benjamins’ together.”

Watch the clip below.



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