Dear Blackman,

I started dating this woman I get along with very well and she is exceptionally beautiful. We just started getting sexually intimate and when I pulled out a condom to use she told me that she doesn’t like to use those and that she is on the pill. I proceeded to use one anyway. After the fact she told me that she is allergic to them and she doesn’t like to use them. She continued in saying that if we are going to have sex the only way is without me using a condom. What should I do?


The Blackman:

Hi Jake,

First I would like to acknowledge the fact that you are being responsible in practicing safe sex. A lot of people would have got caught up in the moment and thought of how beautiful the person is and jumped right in the sack and went bareback.

I have heard of some women being allergic to condoms but the way she is giving you ultimatum about not using them makes a red flag go up. She could have let  it be known that she was “allergic” beforehand.

If you can’t have safe sex with her then you should keep it moving. There are other beautiful women out there that are nice in who would fully respect the fact that you want to have safe sex. Why risk  potentially getting an STD or someone pregnant. Be healthy and drama free.

That’s my 99 Cents Worth


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