There’s nothing new about seeing guys in the entertainment business with the baddest women possible on their arms. It’s pretty much the norm to see star athletes, actors, rappers, singers with women of any and all professions that are rich, famous or just drop-dead beautiful. You don’t want to leave your woman around guys like Trey Songz, The Rock or Morris Chestnut because chances are they won’t be around when you get back.

But what about those other guys? The silent types who, with minimal amounts of fame and notoriety, quietly walk off with the girl of your dreams? TheUrbanDaily decided it was time to tip our hats to the men who could stand next to you at the grocery store and go home to the woman on the cover of the magazine you’re flipping through, and UOENO.

SHOOTER: Scaff Beezy

TARGET: Nicki Minaj

Now tell the truth, Scaff could walk right past you in a club and you’d probably look down to make sure he doesn’t step on your fresh J’s when he did. Little did you know this long time companion has been riding since day one, and while Nicki’s never come out and acknowledged the intimate relationship, Scaff just got a Nicki tat on his arm. You know, so we know that it’s real.

SHOOTER: Ime Udoka

TARGET: Nia Long

You may not see Ime Udoka in any commercials for Nike and the kids have never stood in line for his sneakers. As an NBA player this dude played for the Knicks, the Trailblazers, the Spurs, the Kings and the Lakers basically saw more teams than the groupies who passed him up for the real players. And All-Star he is not. But this former player and current coach now has Nia Long as his longtime girlfriend and mother of his child. He’s got one game he knows better than YOU.

SHOOTER: Nnamdi Asomugha

TARGET: Kerry Washington

A few years ago Nnamdi Asomugha was hailed as one of the best shutdown corners in the NFL, being courted by players and reaping the benefits of being amongst the best at what he does. But after being waived off of a couple of teams Nnamdi is currently unemployed. Good thing his wife and soon to be mother of his first child just happens to be killing everything moving as Olivia Pope in the hit show “Scandal.”

SHOOTER: Wissam Al Mana

TARGET: Janet Jackson

Let’s skip past the fact that Wissam Al Mana is a billionaire. That the family business, AL Mana Retail, represents high-end brands like Giorgio Armani, Hermes, Balenciaga and Roberto Cavalli. Never mind that the guy owns stakes in Saks Fifth Avenue stores in Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait. Lets get down to brass tax, if he was standing next to you in any of these stores, you’d ask him to see your size in a pair of Jeans. And as smart, low key and humble as the man who married Janet Jackson is, he’d probably get them for you.

SHOOTER: Carl Crawford

TARGET: Evelyn Lozada

It’s gonna be hard to find a guy with a higher profile that Baskeball broad and TV loud mouth Evelyn Lozada. Yet with her history of violence and gold-digging ways well documented thanks to former professional football player Chad Johnson and former basketball player Antoine Walker, Ms. Lozada still found someone dumb in love enough to get her pregnant. Rumor has it that someone is Baseball player Carl Crawford. We hope for the best… and expect the soccer player who should be next in line any second.


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