Ask the average hip-hop fan to play word association with Talib Kweli’s name and “romantic” is probably the last word you’ll get. However, over his almost twenty-year career the Brooklyn MC has stacked his catalogue with passionate, flirty and affirmative songs dedicated to the fairer sex like, “Love Language,” “Won’t You Stay,” “Never Been In Love,” “In The Mood,” “Hot Thing” and “How You Love Me,” just to name a few.

“It’s funny, you’re right. I do have a lot of songs praising women, Black women in particular,” he tells “That’s something that is in my wheelhouse. I think my truest fans get that. But I think the industry paints me with a broad brush stroke and I’m looked at based on what people’s perception (is) rather than what I actually do. People think I only do one type of music and that simply isn’t true. At all.”

Realigning perception with reality is one of the tenets of his latest album “Prisoner of Conscious” which features the seductive invitation, “Come Here.” Watch our exclusive performance and interview with Talib in our next edition of “Main Stage” where he talks about his career and moves he’s making to connect with his core audience even more.


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