Anyone who watches the show Mob Wives knows that it goes down on that show…and OFTEN! But never have we heard that it went down while they were trying to watch and enjoy their show at their own season premiere party!  (The alleged craziness occured at Greenhouse which is located in the same building where the Chris Brown and Drake got in to a bottle-smashing brawl back in 2012. But we digress.) Let’s take a look at the Season 4 trailer just to understand who we’re talking about!

After seeing that are we really shocked that something finally jumped off? Uh nope!

Sources involved with the situation tell TMZ everything got poppin because the boyfriend of one of the new cast members Natalie Guercio got into a verbal argument with another person at the party. No one has reported yet as to why they exchanged words in the first place however they say things quickly accelerated from that point.

Allegedly ten people started brawling right there in the middle of the party and multiple sources say that glass bottles were fired across the room.

One source even relays that one of the party goers ended up with a broken ankle during the melee but that still hasn’t been confirmed. It has been confirmed however that at least one person was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Law enforcement reported that someone called police around 10:48 PM but by the time cops arrived the fight was over.

In a word…yikes!


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