A couple of weeks ago, the news broke that Martin Lawrence was about to jump into television again in a new animated series for the FOX network based on his experiences growing up in Washington D.C., plus a one is a single-camera series for the Starz Network that revolves around an interracial family.

Well it looks like that there is more up Lawrence’s sleeve in the film area also. Our sources have discovered that Lawrence and his production company, Runtelldat Productions, have begun to develop one of his successful franchise films, Big Momma’s House 3. The film series revolves around Lawrence’s character as an FBI agent who disguises himself as an old lady to protect a beautiful federal witness and her son. No word yet if actress Nia Long will reprise her role in the film.

Speaking of television, don’t forget to check out Martin Lawrence Presents 1st Amendment Stand-Up as Season Four Premieres July 17th at 11PM ET/PT on the Starz Network, Hosted by comedian Doug Williams.

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