American rapper Jasiri X, known for giving voice to crises and pain within the urban community just released a thought provoking song in tribute to the beloved hero Nelson Mandela.

Says Jasiri X,

“Nelson Mandela is one of the greatest revolutionaries that has ever lived. When he started to get sick, myself and the song’s producer, Agent of Change, wanted to pay tribute to his incredible leadership. I always have wondered why we give so much admiration and love to people like Nelson Mandela, but so few of us are willing to make the sacrifices he did, to effect a world that still needs revolutionary change. I imagined what a conversation with him would be like and what he would say. I believe Nelson Mandela would have great faith in our generation to carry his ideas and make them a reality. We are all gonna be free one day.”

It’s powerful…no doubt. Take a look at it below.

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