TMZ is reporting a story that literally took the breath out of our lungs when we heard it…the real world inspiration for the Academy Award nominated movie “127 Hours” was arrested Saturday night in Denver on suspicion of domestic violence. Let us explain why this is so incredible.

Aron Ralston  is the guy who got his arm stuck in a Utah canyon and had to cut it off with a pocket knife to save his life! So….yeah hearing that he now faces one count of assault and one count of “wrongs to minors” is definitely interesting to say the least.

Check out the video below for a refresher on the story that we’re referring to!



Aron is currently being held in a Denver County jail without bail and is scheduled to appear in front of a judge tomorrow.  According to the police report Ralston told cops his girlfriend punched him twice in the back of the head after he pushed her during an argument about his son with another woman.

The report also says the couple’s 8 month old son was present at the time of the assault.

Sad…just sad.

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