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It must be a serious adjustment going from being a hot up and coming R&B group to to a group of guys who used to be a hot up and coming R&B group. It seems like the guys who comprised the group of Day26 couldn’t take being away from the spotlight so they are reuniting without Diddy‘s tutelage.


According to reports, Day26 will be reuniting to embark on a thirty-city tour that features all of the original members of group. Yes, that includes Brian, Willie, Robert, Big Mike, and Que. Many remember Que being kicked out of the group during the final season of “Making the Band 4” due to disagreements with the group, label, and management.

Day26 carried on after Que’s departure in 2009, but they completely disbanded in 2012. Rumors of the original group reuniting have been swirling ever since. The group wanted to reunite but wouldn’t if Que chose not to participate. When Que signed on, everything was set in motion for a comeback.

Despite being handpicked by Diddy to make the group in 2007, Diddy will not be apart of this reunion. However, before the guys made the announcement about their reunion, they sought out the blessing of Diddy which he gave.

Are you hyped or could you not care less about a Day26 reunion? Let us know.



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