Back when Nas was grilling his beef with Jay Z in 2001, he made reference to the fact he showed Jay his first tech on tour with Large Professor. As it turns out, that wasn’t the only time Nas pulled a gun out on someone with a little fame. New York City radio DJ DJ Envy recently told a story of how Nas pulled a gun on him when he tried to hand the Queensbridge MC a mixtape.


DJ Envy told VladTV the story of how he was a young mixtape DJ and was trying to get Nas to listen to his tapes. He saw Nas out with a woman and called over to him saying, “Nas! I got something for you.” Nas calmly asked Envy what exactly he had for him and as Envy put his hand in his bag to pull out the mix tape, Nas had a gun pointed at his chest.

Once Envy showed Nas that it was only a mixtape he was trying to hand him, Nas chastised Envy with, “Yo, you know shit is real out here, man. You don’t come up to nobody and say ‘you got something for me,’ man. Gimme that mixtape.”

DJ Envy said he never walked up to another person telling them that he had something for them.

Watch the clip below.



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