The NY Hip-Hop infrastructure has definitely taken some blows over the last decade. But a handful of soldiers have taken it upon themselves to take up the mantle and stand up for the the birthplace of Hip-Hop. One of those soldiers one the frontline is definitely UM formally known as Uncle Murda.

The Brooklyn bomber decided to stop by get some bars off and get some jokes in for a good old fashioned Rhyme & Reason session for his track “New York.”

I got my city feeling like it’s ’95

Feeling good, like in before Biggie died

On Twitter Nas wrote I give him a Biggie vibe

I retweeted that shit like 50 times

I see rappers trying to get their buzz back

Beef with DJs like

“Damn where the love at?”

The DJ like “Homie where the hits at?”

That shit you sent me was whack

I can’t spin that

Instead of making better music

Niggas get offended

Then jump on a south beat

Cause the south winning

Then they get mad when they don’t pop, yo

Like “That shit would’ve worked if I was Rocko”

Or “That shit would’ve worked if I was 2Chainz”

It would’ve, but you’re not Rocko or 2Chainz

You a New York nigga homie

That’s that

Now let’s get back to that boom bap

Despite the name change things remain the same for UM, especially where family is concerned.

“I have nieces and nephews and they do actually call me Uncle Murda,” he says with a chuckle. “And they all mulatto. My brother gotta thing for the white girls. Shout out to my brother’s white baby mamas.”


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