Nas has yet to finish his Distant Relatives collaboration with Damian Marley, but that hasn’t stopped him from planning a follow up to 2008’s controversial album, Untitled. In a recent conversation with Billboard magazine, Nas said he plans to start working on his tenth studio album right after completing his work with Marley.

My shit right now is age-appropriate for myself,” Nas said of the direction of his upcoming album. “I love everything, most of the things that are going on musically. But my music will talk about what I see, how I see it, and it should be interesting. My last things were about what I felt about hip-hop and what I felt about race matters. This new thing will be a natural thing. I have a few things that I feel like doing, but who knows what it will be.”

Nas made headlines in 2008, when he appeared at the Grammy awards with his then wife, R&B singer Kelis and said he would name the album after the racial epithet, nigger. After much public discussion and criticism, the album was simply called Untitled. Nas’ ninth effort proceeded to sell over 100,000 during its first sales week.

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