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For Beyonce’s self-tilted fifth album she is giving us one surprise after another. Known for her pristine image and southern gal charm, Beyonce has never been short on sex appeal. However, where she usually serves up her sexual expression in carefully wrapped innuendo like the subliminal boasts of “Ego,” on this latest body of work we are treated to a confident “post-baby-been-married-for-six-years-and-love-to-sex-my-husband” Beyonce that might make “Family Guy’s” Quagmire blush.

Jay Z won. Giggety.

“Drunk On Love”

New sheets, he’d swear that I like washed rags, he wet up

Can’t keep ya eyes off my fatty Daddy I want you

I’m grubbing on the rope, grubbing if you scared, call that reverend Boy, I’m drinking, get my brain right

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