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When artists become popular to the point fans are clamoring for a photo, autograph, or just a small piece of the artist, the artist is probably wishing we would realize they are people too. While some artists use the fact they are put on a pedastal to slowly distance themselves from their core audience other’s embrace the grittiness of the lives of ordinary people and reflect that in their music. One of the artists to do so is R&B singer J. Holiday.

Known for his signature ballad “Bed,” Holiday has continued to set himself apart from the pack of male R&B singers by continuing to infuse pure unadulterated honesty in his music. Sometimes, that pushes fans away from him, but considering J. Holiday is coming back with a new album titled “Guilty Conscience,” fans won’t be able to stay away for too long.

Take a look at J. Holiday talk about his new album and perform his new single “Incredible.”


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