Beyonce doesn’t know how to do anything else but win. After dropping a surprise album that sold more than 600,00 copies in three days, Bey breaks another record. She is the first woman to have her first five albums claim the top spot on the charts.


Billboard Magazine has projected Beyonce to sell almost 700,000 copies of the surprise visual album in its first week of release. Although being number one is nothing new to Queen Bey. (I refuse to call her ‘Yonce and you should too.) However, breaking this record puts Beyonce in the same group of women like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Janet Jackson. Whitney Houston is the first artist to have seven consecutive number one singles. Mariah Carey holds the title for having the most career number one singles. Janet Jackson is one of the most awarded artists in music history.

Beyonce is set to eclipse all of the aforementioned legends because Bey has only been a solo artist for ten years, which means she still has a lot of years left to shatter records left and right. With the shocking and innovative way she released her latest self-titled project, Beyonce will wind up holding every single record she so desires by the time she decides to step away from music.

And if you haven’t already downloaded and listen to it five bazillion times, you can now purchase the physical copy of the visual album from Beyonce’s website. It’s supposed to be an exclusively digital project until next week, however, Beyonce is giving her fans access to the physical copies a little earlier than expected.

“Beyonce” is an album that contains 14 original songs with 17 videos. There’s a video for each song plus four bonus songs that didn’t make the album.

Watch Beyonce explain her thought process behind the album below.



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