In the midst of media outlets critiquing Beyonce’s latest album as “raunchy” and “provocative,” Beyonce reassures fans that she is still the kind-hearted, show-stopping diva they adore.


In a partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Beyonce serenaded Taylon, a young girl diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in her brain. Taylon’s dying wish was to dance with Beyonce and was given the opportunity of doing so when she was given tickets for Beyonce’s Las Vegas show.

Beyonce swooped down into the crowd, landing in front of the star-struck little girl before serenading her with some of her most well-known tunes, including the appropriate Destiny’s Child hit “Survivor.”

Watch the heartfelt video below to see how Beyonce and the Make-A-Wish foundation made this little girl’s day.


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