Although he’s winning on a personal front with his marriage to Hollywood’s latest IT girl Kerry Washington, NFL player  Nnamdi Asomugha has been taking losses on the gridiron for a while. Now, it’s rumored Asomugha will announce his retirement sometime in the very near future.

According to ESPN, the 32-year-old has decided to retire after struggling on the field since he signed a lucrative deal with the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2011. The contract was worth $60 million with a guaranteed $25 million. That was huge for a free agent at the time. However, Asomugha didn’t stay with the Eagles long. He was gone after two years. Nnamdi then signed with the Oakland Raiders who waived his contract due to poor performance on the field.

The former All-Pro cornerback entered the league in 2003 as a first round draft pick and during his 11 season career he was selected for the All-Pro first team in 2008 and 2010. Asomugha also was selected for the Pro Bowl eight times.

Hopefully, he saved a lot of his money while he was in the league. Nnamdi and his wife are expecting their first child next year.



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