Whether you love him or hate him, almost everyone can agree that Kanye West is a media figure with a loud voice and great influence. Author Julius Bailey seems to agree, as he’s releasing an honest to goodness textbook about the infamous emcee/producer.

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“The Cultural Impact of Kanye West” will weigh in on the cultural impact that West’s work has had over the course of the last decade and will look at the “moral and social implications of West’s words, images, and music in the broader context of Western civilization’s preconceived ideas…,” according to

Bailey himself is no stranger to writing books about the contributions of hip hop artists to Western culture. His last book, “Jay-Z: Essays On Hip Hop’s Philosopher King,” dissected Hov and his music back in 2011.

You can expect to read about West’s contributions to Western civilization in early March 2014. Better go digging for those “College Dropout” CDs.

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