If you were thinking about tallying up the year’s hottest freestyles, mix tapes and albums, you may want to stop dead in your tracks.


Nicki Minaj released her remix to “Boss A$$ B!tch,” a track that became popular after a young group of girls known as PTAF uploaded it onto YouTube earlier this year. Nicki reassures fans that she’s the biggest boss in the rap game and even gives fans three rules to becoming a boss a$$ b!tch.

Rule No. 1: Be a boss ass bitch. Never let a n—a try to play you. If he play you, then Rule No. 2: f–k his best friends and make them yes men. And get a dick-pic and then you press send. And send a red heart and send a kissy face and tell him that your friends love how your p—y tastes. And that’s Rule 3: I’m the school T.

It’s safe to say the Harajuku Barbie has returned after hearing her on this track. Minaj is expected to be released her third studio album in 2014.

Check out Nicki Minaj’s remix below.


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