Ice Cube & Kevin Hart Interview When it comes to rap music, Ice Cube has been around the block. He can be credited with starting the gangsta rap movement when he penned Eazy-E’s hit “Boys In The Hood.” Ice Cube has come along way from his gangsta rap days. Now, the man who once rapped about the reality of living in the streets of South Central L.A.  is in the new cop comedy “Ride Along” with Kevin Hart.


During an interview, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart played a game where they had to decide which celebrities they would arrest, kill, or ride along with. Ice Cube said he would arrest Suge Knight and his reasoning is very simple and quite funny. Ice Cube wants to arrest Suge Knight because Suge is used to it.

Check out who Kevin Hart would send to jail.

And make sure you go see “Ride Along” when it hits theaters January 17th.


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