So there were two big “fancy foosball games” on TV today. REALLY  big games. The winners of today’s match-ups advance to the Super Bowl. You know, the event where there are lots of commercials, wings, an occasional blackout and Bruno Mars pretending to be James Brown.

In the AFC Championship match-up the Denver Bronco’s Peyton Manning (the guy in the Buick commercials),  played against The New England Patriot’s Tom Brady, the guy with the super model girlfriend that wears Uggs. Not the girlfriend, the guy. He wears the Uggs. Both of them are really good at throwing the football.

In the NFC Championship game the Seattle Seahawks played the San Francisco 49ers. The Seahawks have the guy who used to eat Skittles after making touchdowns, Marshawn Lynch and the 49ers are lead by their QB Collin Kaepernick, the pretty boy with muscles dating every woman you ever wanted to date. So here is what mattered.

5. The Broncos beat the Patriots 26 to 16  and they did a good deed in the process.  Peyton raised $24, 800 just for saying the word “Omaha.” Eight businesses donated $800 to his Peyback Foundation for each time he said the word “Omaha” at the line of scrimmage. Manning said “Omaha” 31 times during Sunday’s game. No one knows exactly why he says “Omaha”...but it’s provocative.

4. San Francsico 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman  went one way and his knee went the other. If you are squeamish don’t watch. Silver lining. His team doesn’t have to play again until next season.

Seattle faced third-and-10 in the fourth quarter when quarterback Russell Wilson threw a short pass to Jermaine Kearse. Bowman stripped Kearse, but the receiver was pushed into Bowman’s left leg by safety Eric Reid. Unfortunately, for Bowman, his leg continued to bend the wrong way, and it became apparent the linebacker had sustained a horrendous injury.

3. Dr. Dre was at the Seahawks game. No, he didn’t sing the “Star Spangled Banner,” Ann Wilson did.  And she was a little bit pitchy. Dre on the other hand was probably there to make sure that his Beats By Dre headphone spokesman Colin Kaepernick didn’t sustain any injuries to his neck, head or ears. The Doctor’s entrance was epic though. #BAWSE

2. Pam Oliver’s hair still sucks. The Internet slander of the Fox Sports reporter continued when this meme made its way around the web today:

1.The Seahawks beat the 49ers 23 to 17, but the exclamation point was put on the game by Seahawks corner Richard Sherman. He scared the sh*t out of Fox reporter Erin Andrews during his post game interview. 

“I’m the best corner in the game. When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that’s the result you gonna get. Don’t you ever talk about me. […] Don’t you open your mouth about the best or I’m gonna shut it for you real quick…MOB!”

See you guys at The Super Bowl on Sunday February 2nd at Metlife Stadium.

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