According to Fish Wrapper, Robin Thicke is blurring the heck out of the lines in his marriage and there are pics that have been running all across the internets to prove it.

Okay we know what you must be thinking and we get it. The pics do look incriminating but….what if they can be explained and we are all making a big fuss over nothing? Put down your rotten tomatoes for a minute…don’t throw them at your computer screens just yet…follow us here for a just a few seconds.

The fact that this happened in the club is a big red flag for us. Anyone who has ever been in a club knows you have to speak into one another’s ears in order to hear and to be heard over the music. In two of the pics that we found…it looks to us like they might have been speaking to eachother. In the one above which is said to be the smoking gun pic that proves there was a kiss…we def don’t see it. When paparazzi take pictures of people from an extended distance they take several shots within a few seconds. This picture above looks to us like they may have either been leaning in to speak or pulling away from speaking. It’s also in a club in Paris so maybe it was the double kisses on both cheeks thing.


We don’t see any pics of Robin’s tongue hanging out of his mouth chasing this girl all around. The way that these pics have been taken we know that if Robin was really kissing that girl they would have captured it! But we don’t see any pic with them actually kissing. If that pic existed…we’re pretty sure we would have seen it by now.

The last reason we aren’t so sure about these pics is because upon looking at the picture below, we think the girl he’s with looks awfully young. For all we know she’s 34 years old with five kids but she just looks super teenagery to us. Too young for Robin Thicke to consider her that way given the fact that there had to be a plethora of bad chicks in that club who were older and who would have been ready to…shall we say “mingle” with him!  How do we know that she isn’t someone’s daughter that he’s cool with or something? We don’t…and that’s the point.

We get nothing out of defending Robin and we’re not even saying that we are defending him. However, something just didn’t sit right with us about these pictures. But for all we know….we’re wrong.

Here’s a tip to Robin Thicke…if you don’t want people to be on the hunt to prove you are a cheater…quit making songs and videos like “Blurred Lines”! Get back to those songs about being in love! Think back sir…no one ever thought about it either way before you made the song or the video. Now the paps are dying to catch you in a compromising situation…and people seem to be willing to create a scandal for you if they don’t find a real one! We’re just saying.


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