Welp….here we go again. Another Young Jeezy arrest that sounds far fetched to us. TMZ reports that Jeezy was hauled off to jail yesterday because cops thought he posed a serious threat when they responded to an alarm at his girlfriend’s house.

TMZ obtained Jeezy’s mug shot and police report. They say the Alpharetta, GA police claim they didn’t know if someone was dead, injured, or if there was an intruder when they responded to the panic alarm at Jeezy’s girl’s home. So, when they ran into Jeezy in the house the police viewed him as an unknown threat. (We’re sure there were a few other things working against him…but we digress.)

Jeezy was allegedly uncooperative with officers, refusing to identify himself, and cussing them out.

The cops claim that Jeezy kept saying,

“F**k you, I don’t have to tell you s**t!”

The police also claimed that Jeezy tried to pull away from them and resisted arrest when they attempted to cuff him.

If he got arrested for being where he was supposed to be when he was supposed to be there…then we hope the Alpharetta Police are prepared for what’s about to hit their front door..that thing being lot’s of attention that we’re sure they don’t want.

He was reportedly booked into the Fulton County Jail and there is no word on if he’s been bailed out yet.



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