According to an “eyewitness” gave an interview to  Life & Style claiming that Peter Thomas was “flirting up a storm” and grinding all over some chick at a Golden Globes party that Peter and his wife Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey went to together. However, Cynthia supposedly didn’t know this was going on. We are gonna file this one under Nahhhh…or maybe even Booooo! We’re just not thinking this rumor is true and we’ll explain why in a moment

Says the alleged witness,

“She was twerking all over his thigh and he was giving people a thumbs-up while she did it! He also put his hands around her waist and nuzzled her neck.”

The supposed witness further said that Peter spent most of the time with the unknown broad and out of the sight of his wife. They even went as far as to say,

“It looked like he was going to kiss her!”

Okay the main reason we aren’t buying this story is because if it was a Golden Globes party…then there were all sorts of people who went there to be seen right? Which means there would have been tons of photographers and camera phones galore! Where are the pics of this? If it was going on all night…there would have been all kinds of people trying to spill the tea on Peter! So where are is the proof?

Also, if there was no scene that erupted between he and Cynthia then you really know something is amiss because as many women as there are in that town who are mad at those girls from RHOA…puh-lease! Someone would have gladly run up to Cynthia to tell her things were not right…just to get something started!

So no…we’re not giving this one any credibility. The source is probably someone who is in their feelings with Peter and Cynthia for one reason or another and just wants to give them a hard time in the press. Or even could be a total stranger who doesn’t know them at all but wants to get a quick buck off a fake tip. Either way…we don’t believe it.

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