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Romantic comedies are beloved by almost every woman who ever walked the face of the earth. The tales of dealing with the major character flaw in the person the protagonist believes to be the person of their dreams seems to resonate with female audiences. However, some of the  romantic comedies that hit the big screen are absolutely terrible because they don’t contain an ounce of realism. Others just plain old suck. Check out some of the worst romantic comedies and steer clear of them at all costs.


Brown Sugar

Sure, the Rick Famuyiwua directed film has landed itself in the hearts of hopeless romantic hip-hop heads. However, “Brown Sugar” was tired before it was shot and got sleepier the longer we watched it. First off, Taye Diggs was so miscast, you almost felt bad for him when he had to act like he really grew up listening to Dana Dane instead of Broadway show tunes as a kid. Secondly, I don’t know who told Sanaa Lathan it was cool to begin every interview with the wackest question ever, but no real writer/blogger/journalist/whatever clever title you can find to describe the job would ask “When’s the first time you fell in love with hip-hop?” Then for it to later be revealed as a euphemism for Taye Diggs’ character, you’ll definitely need a barf bag from ingesting all of that corniness.


“Woo” falls into the category of “When Terrible Movies Happen To Decent Actors.” Jada Pinkett-Smith starred as a beautiful woman who could bring any man to his knees with the bat of an eyelash, yet she couldn’t keep a man if the world depended on it. Somehow, the geeky Tommy Davidson scores a date with Woo and things go crazy. His friends follow them around New York City like the ultimate d-blockers. Oh and did we forget to mention that Woo’s friend is dating a dude who has a sexual fetish for chicken?!

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