Boy they say when it rains it pours….well according to Sandra Rose it’s storming not just at Apollo and Phaedra‘s house but at some of the other cast members of Real Housewives Of Atlanta‘s houses too! As we previously reported, Apollo has been hit with some very serious bank fraud and identity theft charges and now court sources are reportedly saying,

“The feds requested additional indictments be sealed as the case is ongoing and other Nida co-conspirators are under investigation, including “several”Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members.”

We’re truly hoping the source got this info confused or just flat out wrong! And we sort of think there is a good chance they did..simply because as much as they shade Phaedra for all her little hustles and businesses, we can’t imagine the ladies wanting to get financially involved with any business Apollo might have been setting up.

However….the guys of the show are pretty chummy and we know that a few of them are in business together based on Peter Thomas’ comments on Bravo! TV’s Watch What Happens Live a few weeks ago. So maybe….nahhh we don’t want to go there! We just can’t! Who wants to think that either Apollo got over on those guys and now they are suffering the consequences with him or worse…that any of the fellas knew what was going down and willingly got involved. Nahhhh we’ll have to see that to believe it!

We’re pretty sure they are looking at Phaedra by default simply because she is his wife…but who else could they possibly be checking for?

Oh and Sandra Rose is reporting even more than just that…way more! There is a claim that Apollo wasn’t just cheating with several banks he was also cheating on Phaedra and allegedly there was PROOF! Sandra Rose says,

“On January 16, 2014, received an email from an associate of Bravo Network producers. The contact wanted to know if Apollo’s young female lover “would be interested in making an appearance on an upcoming episode” of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I passed Bravo’s request on to the youngster’s representative who responded, “Hell yeah!” By this time, Apollo’s arrest was common knowledge around Bravo’s offices, but unbeknownst to the public.

After relaying the information back to the Bravo contact, I never heard from the contact again. It’s likely that Bravo’s producers were simply fishing for information to confirm that the young woman actually existed.

The young woman became known to me in early 2013 after she blasted details of her relationship with Nida on her social media account. She was asked to remove the information from her social media account. At which time, was contacted by the young woman’s rep requesting payment for her story. Details of the relationship were confirmed through photos and text messages sent between the woman and Nida. politely declined to purchase the story due to the fact that Nida was considered to be insignificant. The woman and her rep indicated that they would shop her story to gossip websites, and”

We just don’t even know what to say at this point. It’s just not looking to swell for the Nida household right now…we keep trying to figure out how this could be a set up or how Apollo didn’t do all of this stuff…but it’s getting increasingly harder to see how it could ALL be lies. But here’s hoping!

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks
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