We just can’t with this story! Everyday it’s something else! Well today was no different as chimed in and reported that, back in September, Apollo Nida’s car was searched and his laptop was seized by the feds. A few weeks after learning of his criminal activity, Phaedra reportedly kicked Apollo out of the house and limited their interaction to media appearances and co-parenting for the sake of their joint endeavors such as Phine Body.

Well if you’ve been watching the show this season there has been a new tension between the two on camera that we’ve never really seen before. We thought it was just because of the new baby and house and that they were just overwhelmed with the changes that they have been making. But if you think about it…in a few episodes that showed them together Apollo was making little disrespectful comments under his breath. He never used to do all of that before. And if you remember…Phaedra was seen in the back of a car telling Apollo that he knew she wasn’t speaking to him. We all thought it was about the argument they got in to over the Kenya foolishness…but maybe….it was something a whole lot deeper!

However the couple has been seen together at several events and as recently as last week Phaedra accompanied Apollo to “Watch What Happens Live” when the RHOA men were all sitting in with Andy Cohen. And Apollo confessed his love for her on the show…but again that all could have been to keep up appearances.

But as we previously reported, Apollo is being accused of having some new young little thing on the side…so maybe after hearing about that and then the criminal charges Phaedra had enough but didn’t want to give everyone the satisfaction of saying “I told you so”  so she didn’t make any formal announcements.

Heck we don’t know y’all! For all we know they have on their warm winter pajamas and are sitting around the house together reading this and laughing at us all!

This thing has so many twists and turns we feel like we’re on that “Emotional Rollercoaster” that Vivian Green was singing about a few years back…cause we can’t get off this ride!

Guess we’ll just have to wait to hear from Phaedra….or someone who is speaking on her behalf…so stay tuned!

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks
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