George Zimmerman, the florida man who shot and killed unarmed teen Trayvon Martin in February of 2012 is still trying to capitalize on his dubious notoriety.

The 5′ 7″ tall former neighborhood watchman has agreed to appear in a celebrity boxing match, with the word “celebrity” being used loosely. Rapper The Game has already stepped up and offered to administer a proper fade to Zimmerman we have five other suggestions for who we’d like to see square up with George.

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 5) Katt Williams

After seeing Katt Williams lay the smack down on a cashier at Target and they peel off in an electric scooter at 3 mph we would pay good money to see Money Mike put his pimp hand on the Zimmerman.

4) Joseline Hernandez

In season one of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Stevie J’s wife proved why she is the Baddest Puta when she put the paws on him during a counseling session for trying to double team her and his ex Mimi.

And given that she’s spent some time in Florida she knows how to apply the “Stand Your Ground” laws in her favor.

3) Epic Beard Man

This bus riding brawler became a web sensation in 2010 when he wouldn’t back down from an aggressor who threatened to put his foot up his ass. After walking away from a loud mouth in flannel Epic Beard Man left the dude leaking, giving birth to the “Bring Da Amber Lamps” meme. If anybody can set a bully like George Zimmerman straight he can.

2) Maino

When Atlanta rapper Trinidad James decided to punctuate a rant against the NY rap community with the challenge, “if you wanna do something we can do something, I don’t give a f*ck,” rapper Maino did not hesitate to step in and fulfill his request, offering to “brush his teeth” next time he saw him in person. We will buy the toothpaste and the floss if Maino gets in the ring with Zimmerman.

1) Kanye West

Despite taking one L to a stop sign last year, Kanye is 2-0 in fights against real people. The paparazzi’s nemesis has such a strong rep as a brawler that everyone thought this guy was West pummeling a guy in the street.

We think it would be therapeutic for Kanye to let out his frustration as a “new slave” on a man responsible for killing a teenaged Black boy in cold blood.


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