Chicago teen rapper Chief Keef can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble. The “I Don’t Like” rapper is being sued by a cancer charity for bailing on a performance for a Cleveland, Ohio cancer charity benefit.

According to legal documents filed by Kim Productions, they gave Chief Keef a $15,000 deposit to perform at the RapCure benefit concert that was to be held last June. Chief Keef was supposed to get the remaining $10,000 when he performed at the event. However, Keef skipped out on the concert hours before he was to take the stage.  The production company also alleges Keef called the the day before the show and demanded Kim Productions give him an advance of $2,500. The production team wired the money to Keef’s agent and his agent said Keef was on his way to the Cleveland show.


In spite of being told Chief Keef was on his way to the venue, Chief Keef never showed up to the benefit concert. As a result of Keef’s absence, Kim Productions had to cancel the show and were forced to return the money of all of the ticket holders. The company is suing Chief Keef for a total of $26,000.

Kim Productions is suing for $26,000 on top of money they lost securing the venue, lights, equipment, advertising, and refunded tickets. Chief Keef is also being sued for an $88 order of chicken wings. The wings are said to have been ordered by someone in Keef’s crew.

He has yet to make a comment about the lawsuit, but knowing Chief Keef, he probably doesn’t really care.



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