Rapper Common is a self-proclaimed thief … a dude who busts himself when he steals — this, according to a pair of songwriters.

Andrew Marks and London McDaniels filed a lawsuit yesterday, claiming Common stole their song “When Will The Day Come” in his 2007 tune “Take it EZ.” [editor’s note, “Take It EZ” was originally released in 1992 on Can I Borrow A Dollar, but was released digitally in 2007]

But here’s the twist: Common gives Marks and McDaniels this credit on the downloadable version of his song: “Contains samples from: When Will The Day Come.'”

Here’s the problem: The credit don’t pay the rent. So Marks and McDaniels are suing for unspecified damages.

Common’s “Take It EZ”

Rasa “When Will The Day Come”

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