Chances are you’ve seen “Star Wars” or the “Lion King” and recognized the deep, dark voice from both films. That demanding voice is no other than that of James Earl Jones, who is arguably one of the best voices in Hollywood.


Many are not aware that Jones was mute as a child. At the tender age of 5, Jones battled against stuttering so badly that he did not speak for nine years. He credits an English teacher in helping him overcome his speech impediment, explaining that the thought of being able to express himself verbally was an inspiration.

“We were reading great literature, and the idea of being able to say those words really inspired me. I never expected to be able to write things like that, but I did want to enjoy saying them.”

Child suffers from speech impediment and refuses to talk for nearly ten years grows up to become the most well-known voice in history, you’ve got to admit that sounds like a great film.

Check out James Earl Jones speaking on overcoming being mute below.


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