We called this a few days back, we had a feeling that the fight was never really going to happen and here we are. Celebrity fight promoter Damon Feldman has had a change of heart about the fight with George Zimmerman and DMX.

After the punishment that he has been taking in both the press and through social media…Feldman expressed his remorse on Twitter and said that he took a look at his own children and basically thought about what Trayvon Martin‘s family must be going through.

Take a look at his tweets and announcement below!

So there you go. Now everyone will rush to tell Damon Feldman that he is the bomb diggity for not letting the fight go forward. Mull that over for a while. But in the end…look at how much attention he got either way. He wins. Just saying.

Will Zimmerman will go back to looking for a rock to hide under? We sort of doubt it……but for now things are as they should be and we can all breathe a sigh of relief…right?

#TJMSforTrayvon Across the Country
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