When dealing in relationships in the age of social media, one of the hardest things to do is to keep everyone out of your business. Every single person you know has an opinion about your relationship despite not being able to maintain one of their own. In the new film “About Last Night,” stars Kevin Hart and Regina Hall are the friends who are perpetually single that have more than enough advice to give to their dating-challenged friends.

When we caught up with the comic duo in Los Angeles, they told us how they keep their friends out of their love lives. For these actors, it’s as simple as going down a one way street. You’ll understand the significance of the one way street later.

Since it’s quite obvious Hart and Hall have amazing onscreen chemistry, we thought it would be only natural for them to want to work together again. However, there seems to be a few roadblocks standing in the way.

Find out what’s stopping Regina Hall and Kevin Hart from working together again.


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