The ultimate example in irony? A series called Awkward Black Girl becomes super popular and one of the most watched series on the net, putting its creator Issa Rae, in even more positions to be… well, awkward! Here’s a few reasons why.

154,918 – The number of subscribers on Issa Rae’s youtube page (at press time).

27 – The age Issa was when she made the Forbes 30 under 30 list. in 2012.

221 – The Number of videos you’ll find on Issa’s YouTube page.

1,612,280 – The amount of views Issa’s gotten on her most watched episode, The Stop Sign.

6 – The number of years Issa’s youtube page has been up and running.

Infinite – The amount of women that relate on some and laugh at Awkward Black Girl, the series that put Issa on the map.

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