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If there’s anything you need to remember about writers, it’s we are artists and we’re sensitive about our stuff, word to Erykah Badu. A writer was so attached to his work, he is suing the cable network Showtime because he claims they stole his idea for their hit drama series “Ray Donovan.”

Brian Larsen claims in a new lawsuit that he pitched the idea of a middle-aged man who is a fixer and makes rich people’s problems disappear for money back in 2010. When he pitched the script to an unnamed Showtime executive, she was excited about the project and assured Larsen she would “pitch like hell” to get the show on the air. However, nothing ever came to fruition.

When “Ray Donovan” premiered on Showtime in 2013, Brian Larsen was red with rage. In the lawsuit, Larsen itemized the similarities he saw between his show and “Ray Donovan.” According to the list, the shows are similar because:

  • *There’s a brother who can’t get himself together and is always messing up
  • *There’s a storyline featuring a basketball player involved in a sex scandal
  • *The main character has a troubled relationship with a priest
  • *The main character’s moral dilemma of killing people and doing what’s right
  •  *There’s a moral cliffhanger

Larsen wants production of the show stopped and he is also looking for a lot of money for his alleged contribution to the show.



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